Friday, May 2, 2008

Waking up to fresh bread

I've been making a lot of bread in the bread machine lately, also partly inspired by Pollan's writing about store-bought bread and how many (strange, artificial, and unnecessary) ingredients are in it. So last night I tried the delay timer on the bread machine for the first time with this recipe.

It turned out pretty well, considering that I nearly ruined it at 2 AM. Around 2, I heard the bread machine go on to start the bread. It was making a horrible clanging sound. For some reason, in my sleepy stupor, I thought the best thing to do was to add some water. When that didn't stop the din, I investigated further to see that the pan was not fully clicked into place. Once I clicked it, the noise stopped, but then I worried about all the water I added. So then I added some extra flour.

I liked using the delay timer, but think it won't work in our house again during the night. Even after I fixed the clanging sound, it was way too loud during the kneading phase. But I will use the delay timer while I'm at work to have bread ready for dinner. And I'll make sure I click the pan in next time.

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