Thursday, May 1, 2008


Even as a vegetarian of 20 years and a Californian for the last 12 years, I was inspired by Michael Pollan's books to eat, well, food.

So I've decided to start cooking more. And if I want baked goods, I'll have to make them myself, dammit. (Though I make an exception for my mom's goodies, which we get a few times a year, and for special occasions, because I like birthday cake as much as anyone else.) I'm even planning to start my own small garden. A far cry from running out for take-out every night.

This is not a diet blog. Just a simple food blog. By a working mom with a 19-month-old son. It will mostly be about how we are eating food not "food", but since cooking and eating are a big part of life, some posts will also be about life in general as a thirtysomething, liberal, Unitarian Universalist, mother, and life partner to a fabulous guy.

I hope this blog inspires me, and perhaps a few others, to eat more real food.

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