Sunday, May 18, 2008

Breakfast for a Week

I have been getting into making my own granola lately. So versatile - with yogurt, soy milk, sprinkled on top of my swiss muesli to add some crunch, as a little snack on its own... And 5-10 minutes of work (plus 30 minutes in the oven) gets you all this for a week or more.

Last week I made the Candle Cafe Cookbook version, which was delicious and a little unusual, with part steel-cut oats and part rolled oats. But that recipe had a lot of oil in it, and was a little rich for everyday consumption.

I found Mark Bittman's Granola Recipe and made it tonight.

It's also very good, and noticeably lighter, without the oil and steel-cut oats. Next week I might try making my own recipe that combines the Candle Cafe and Mark Bittman ones.

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