Thursday, May 1, 2008

A favorite breakfast - Swiss Bircher Muesli

This is a delicious and simple mix of raw oats, milk, yogurt, fruit, and/or nuts. This sounds gross, but magic happens as the oats soak, and they become almost pudding-like. Yum!

I don't follow a recipe exactly, but here's one to get you started.

I soak the oats in soymilk (not apple juice as indicated in the link above) with the shredded apple overnight in a covered bowl in the fridge. In the morning, I mix in yogurt, fresh fruit and/or dried fruit, cinnamon, and honey or 100% real maple syrup.

I've only made this a few times, so I've made it a little different each time. It's a fun dish to experiment with - you can change up the type of milk/juice, yogurt, fruit, spice, and sweetener and still get a great result.

Extra tips: Only enough milk to cover the oats, otherwise you get soup. And I use my food processor to shred the apple in like 1 minute. And I leave the apple peel on.

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