Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Cooking Habit

Since one reason I started this blog was to force myself into a healthy food cooking habit, I thought I'd say a few words about how that's going. In short, it has worked very well! I realized that tonight when, after dinner, I thought to myself (as I often do on a Sunday), "What might I like to have around the house this week to make life easier and to make healthy stuff readily available?"

And so before sitting down at the computer, watching Battlestar Galactica, or reading the Sunday New York Times, I simultaneously: 1) Put eggs in my steamer and set the timer for 30 mins; 2) Made low-fat granola; and 3) Put on a pot of mixed grains. It took about an hour altogether and our family will reap the benefits all week. Sometimes on Sunday nights I set the breadmaker, bake power muffins to keep in the freezer, and/or put some grains in my steamer to use or freeze for later use. In general, I'm using the freezer a lot more now, and as a habit I put about 1/2 of whatever soup or grain or baked good I am making into the freezer automatically.

I'm not writing this to congratulate myself, though I am pretty proud to have come such a long way from eating frozen pizza far too often. What's surprised me is how much of a habit this has become - like tooth brushing or checking email, it's just what I do now. If only I could develop an exercise habit, too...


Melissa said...

This is such a great habit! I admire you. This past year I have incorporated exercise into my life, but I haven't necessarily done anything different for my eating habits. I have always loved natural foods and Holistic remedies and hope some day I will make these a daily habit. I just need the time, patience, and grace and maybe some day I will have both good eating and exercising habits. Congratulations to you, your health will thank you.

Sarah said...

Hopefully our good habits can rub off on each other - I am serious that exercise is a habit I really need to develop. I feel rushed like I have no time, but I have 10-minute Pilates videos I don't do...and I know I have 10 minutes a day at least!