Friday, July 18, 2008

Toddler Mini Power Muffins

I like these pumpkin power muffins by Rachel Rappaport at Coconut and Lime, but they will really be put to the test tomorrow morning when my toddler eats breakfast. These are packed with nutrition - pumpkin, egg, yogurt (I substituted yogurt for buttermilk), ground flax seed, oats, and whole wheat flour. I baked them mini-sized and plan to put most of them in the freezer for fast healthy morning meals and snacks. If they are really a hit, they might become part of the regular cooking repertoire, along with iced tea, yogurt, and granola - stuff we just like to keep around.

UPDATE: He likes them!
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Melissa said...

I really like your recipes. I have 2 boys and I am trying really hard to feed them healthy. Thanks for the ideas.

Sarah said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope your little guys like the muffins, too.

Momaste said...

These look great for my toddler-on-the-move! I'll be sure to try them out. I have almond-berry muffins in the oven now, but they're not nearly as nutrition packed as yours.

foodstuffs said...

These look great,

A perfect solution for my problem of what to eat on the way to work.

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting, Momaste and Foodstuffs - glad you like the recipe!