Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mixed grain recipe from 101 cookbooks - Good even though I screwed it up!

I just made this recipe on 101 Cookbooks, and even though I screwed it up, it's still delicious. I used pearl barley instead of whole barley, and steel cut oats instead of whole oat groats. The result is that this is quite a bit mushier than it otherwise would have been. In the pot after cooking, it did not look at all like the gorgeous picture on the 101 Cookbooks site. It looked like a pot of mush. I was disappointed and thought of throwing it out. But then I took a bit out, added some milk and maple syrup, and now I'm hooked. I'm thinking of having some again for lunch and dinner! And as noted on 101 Cookbooks, I imagine it will be excellent as well with an egg and some steamed greens, perhaps with a little soy sauce, or mixed with some cheese and broccoli or peas (that might even get toddler approval). This made a lot as noted in the original recipe - enough to stock some in the refrigerator and the freezer!

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foodstuffs said...

I tried this too and I was not thrilled. I may have over cooked it but it turned out super mushy and yet grainy. now i am inpsired to try it again.