Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new use for an old appliance

As a follow-up to the yogurt maker post, I thought I'd mention a cool new use I've found for an old appliance. My 16-year-old Black and Decker Food Steamer (a going-away-to-college gift from my Aunt), designed to cook rice and steam vegetables, also does a great job for whole grains like quinoa (which I now know is pronounced keen-wa, thanks to the locavore on core,who I had the pleasure of meeting last week) and hard-boiled eggs. There is a newer version of the steamer available and I got some info about using a steamer for whole grains here. There are directions for steaming eggs in the book that came with the machine, and I tried that this morning. They were perfect.

A note about appliances - I love them lately and definitely could not cook as much as I do without them. Any appliance that prepares food without assistance, and then shuts off or "keeps warm", makes it possible for me to take advantage of those 5-10 minute moments when my toddler is otherwise occupied to get something started that I can eat or use in a recipe later. So I love the yogurt maker, bread machine, slow cooker, and now food steamer.

Though they're not "set and forget" appliances, I also love the food processor and hand blender. They make things like muesli possible - there's no way I'd grate an apple. Just wouldn't. And tonight I used the hand blender's cool chopper attachment to make pesto with basil from my garden.

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