Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Simple vacation meals

The pic above is the view we had from the house we rented last week in Carmet, CA (that's not a typo - we weren't in Carmel). Cooking was an interesting challenge there - an unfamiliar kitchen with a bare cupboard and few appliances. And being on vacation, standing over the (electric) stove for hours wasn't in my plans. Here's a rundown of some of what we very happily ate:

- Scrambled eggs with excellent local cheese (Petaluma, CA), green onions, and tomato with whole wheat bread and sliced white peaches
- Wheat banana pancakes, using a surprisingly good mix and fresh banana with a big bowl of cherries on the side
- Barbecued veggie burgers with the same terrific cheese and corn on the cob with more cherries and sliced cantaloupe
- Pasta with store-bought basil-tomato sauce, and you guessed it, more cheese.

In the evenings, we enjoyed dulce de leche ice cream and cheap white wine while we sat by the fire. Sigh. I'm already planning our next trip.

Sorry for all the product placements, but buying delicious, quick stuff made our vacation meals a delight.
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