Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday Morning Tofu Scramble

Well with Picky (or Not-So-Picky) Toddler around, we've been doing lots of pancakes for breakfast. Wheat pancakes, oat pancakes, banana pancakes, etc. And I like pancakes, but was definitely ready for a change of pace. So yesterday I made a nice tofu scramble, based on this recipe. Lucky for me it's online so no need to retype, but I found it in my old Vegetarian Times cookbook (circa 1995). I made one change - mixing the tortillas in with the tofu sounded gross, so I served warm tortillas on the side, and we made breakfast burritos. My husband and I liked this a lot, not so much the Picky Toddler, who had Cheerios instead. If you're making this for vegan friends, you can skip the cheese. Also, this makes a lot. We'll have breakfast burritos again tomorrow.
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foodstuffs said...

I love putting tortilla chips into my egg scrambles. I will have to try this, I must get over my fear of tofu scrambles.