Sunday, March 7, 2010

More fun food from the CSA and a lifestyle change

We're still loving our CSA bag. On Friday night, we made roasted butternut squash, and we couldn't eat it all, so this afternoon I used the leftover roasted squash to make a delicious coconut curry squash soup. It's basically this recipe, with squash instead of canned pumpkin and light coconut milk instead of evaporated skim milk.

We also got some fantastic, fragrant cilantro in our bag this week, so I made a cilantro pesto from this recipe.

Now we have dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. We'll have the soup with apple walnut salad and the pesto with noodles, broccoli, and tofu, along with red pepper slices, as shown in the photo in the link.

Other stuff from our CSA bag: onions (1 is in the soup), apples, tangerines, & grapefruit. We're delighted with the food and how it encourages us to eat more fruits and veggies and to eat more often at home.

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